During a recent interview with Daily Record, guitar legend of Guns N’ Roses, Slash talked about his influences as a guitarist.

He mentioned AC/DC’s Angus Young, and said:

“Most people see him as an Australian. I love that Scotland sees him as a Scottish guitar legend.

My interest in AC/DC came a little later. When I first picked up the guitar, it was the big five – Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, and Mick Taylor from The Rolling Stones. Then I got into Aerosmith and Joe Perry.

They turned me onto AC/DC. I got into Angus and his brother Malcolm.”

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Back in December 2018, Slash talked on his influnces and said:

“There have always been amazingly fluent and technically gifted guitar players, from Chet Atkins to old blues guys like Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters. I grew up listening to that stuff, and the rock players that followed after.”

Then, he talked on how Eddie Van Halen shaped him as a guitar player, he said:

“But ever since monster guitarists like Eddie Van Halen came on the scene, there’s been a real focus on new, flashy techniques, and sometimes the music loses its emotional value somewhere along the way. I mean- it’s great to know how to do all that stuff, but for me, the main thing is that the music moves me in some way.”

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