Guns N Roses’ legendary guitarist Slash spoke in the recent interview with Kerrang Magazine and recalled the days after the debut album of the band, ‘Appetite for Destruction.’

In the conversation, Slash mentioned that they were drinking, partying, and using drugs lots of the times after releasing the debut album and following the success of it. And he revealed how crazy those times were.

Furthermore, Slash touched upon the fact that he was using drugs and trying to get through these rough days. He said that iconic vocalist David Bowie gave him advice that made him open his eyes and helped him to overcome this issue.

David said to Slash that he was in a bad place and made himself vulnerable to the outside interaction that nobody could see this. As David stated in, Slash exposed himself to this kind of state, which leads him to use drugs.

Interviewer asked:

“What were you like back in the days of ‘Appetite for Destruction?'”

Slash replied:

“The whole time from 1987 and all the way into the ’90s, and God knows when, there was a lot of drinking and a lot of craziness and partying, and just excessive, you know? You’ve heard stories, I’m sure.

I don’t think I could say one particular party stands out. And I’ve never been one to go, ‘Oh, I’ve got a story about this person…’ I keep that stuff pretty close to the vest, but it was a very colorful time.”

Interviewer asked:

“Did anyone ever offer any helpful advice during that heavy time?”

Slash responded:

“David Bowie, once, when I was going through my serious hallucination phase. I talked to him about it because it was disturbing. Was this when I was seriously drinking? This was more drug-related.

And he’d said, ‘No, you’re probably in a bad place right now and you have become vulnerable to a lot of outside interaction with things that people don’t normally see, and you’ve exposed yourself to this.’

And I was like, ‘Whoah! That’s heavy…’ But that was a sound piece of advice. Or maybe an eye-opening clarification of the state of mind I was in.”

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