Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash had a recent interview with Louder Sound. Saul ‘Slash’ Hudson said that ‘patience’ is the most important lesson he have learned from his career.

Here is what he said about ‘his most important lesson’:

Patience. It ties into everything and it’s a virtue that for somebody like me is hard to come by.

Especially working in films, but working in the music business when it comes to creating, writing or the timing between notes, patience is something I’ve started to pick up on and realize its importance.

I’m not a chronic OCD but I’m pretty compulsive. I just do shit and see what happens after the fact.”

In the same interview, Slash also revealed why he is posting so much nudity on his social media accounts.

Here is what Slash said:

“I find it on Tumblr, Pinterest or some weird site I might come across. Horror and nudity are my two favorite things.

I do post some music stuff but that’s so predictable, so I post all this shit that I like that has nothing to do with anything that people necessarily know me for.

I’ve been producing horror movies as of late, so it falls into that.”

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