In a recent interview with The Project, Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash has revealed the one reason of why he is still making music.

Here’s the statement:

“I mean, no. It’s all about the music. The only reason I make records is so I can go out and tour. Because as a guitar player, I love playing guitar – I don’t love being in the studio, I don’t love sitting around my house playing the guitar – I like playing live.

So I dig that, but I’m sort of rare, there’s not too many people that have been doing this as long as I have, who actually enjoy it as much as I do.”

He also talked about his bandmate, Myles Kennedy, and said:

“I’d been hearing Myles’ name. He is the one guy that when I was doing Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver, and Snakepit – stuff from my whole catalog – he was the only person I could think of who had the diversity and range to do all that material.”

You can watch the entire interview from here. Click here to source of the statement via Alternative Nation.

Back on January 6, he talked with WTF With Marc Maron and shared a little-known truth about his real name, “Saul”.

“No, but I’m in the book of Jewish famous people, which is funny. If you were to ask my dad about it, he was talking about King Saul, and so it’s a different thing.”

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