Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash had a recent interview with and shared his feelings about the idea of playing with Guns N’ Roses again after their last show in 1994.

Here is what Slash said:

“Oh man, it was overwhelming – it was so cool. Because it was a long time – we’re talking more than 20 years from the last show in 1994… it was 22 years since the last time we’d played together.

And obviously I’d played with Duff [since then] but there’s a certain dynamic in the three of us together. It was awesome, and it’s a really great experience.”

Slash also commented about why he’s using Les Paul for more than three decades:

“I don’t remember when I actually first laid eyes on a Les Paul. I just remember almost subconsciously thinking, ‘That’s a cool-looking guitar’. Because when I started, I didn’t know anything! With all that musical upbringing, and all those gigs I went to with my parents, I didn’t really know anything about how a guitar worked!

“And so when I actually started playing guitar I’d have to go, ‘Okay, well I like this song, or this solo, and there’s a picture of the guy in the band, and he’s playing that guitar…’ and I remember seeing the Les Paul often enough to notice it was cool.

I don’t think I was ever attracted to the Strat… and the Flying V was a little bit too flashy for me.”

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