Guns N’ Roses’ well-known guitarist Slash is very famous on social media with the classical NSFW photos he posted in his official Instagram page.

Today, Slash shared yet another meme on his verified account and cleared the air about why he’s posting weird stuff on social media with this funny post.

Here is what Slash wrote in the caption:

“Repost from @bittycar Foodies by Jeff Stahler iiii]; )'”

Here is what’s written on the funny meme:

A Kid says:

“I love taking Instagrams of what I like to eat.”

Witcher responses:

“Me, too!”

A user named jeordiethecat commented and said  that:

“I thought this was gonna be a cringy boomer comic about Phones bad but after reading it I was proven wrong. Thank you Slash.”

You can see the photo right below.