In a recent interview made by Sixx Sence, Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash spoke about Led Zeppelin and Les Paul sound. He revealed the reason he prefer Gibson Les Paul. He said (transcriped by Ultimate-Guitar):

‘Whole Lotta Love’ – to me that was the soundtrack for what the ’70s were gonna be. It was so driving and it was so sexy. I think that song is what initially turned me on to the Les Paul because of the sound of that guitar.

I think a lot of Zeppelin stuff – ‘Whole Lotta Love,’ ‘Black Dog,’ ‘The Ocean’ was a good one… If we just sat here I could go through all the records. ‘You Really Got Me’ from The Kinks was great…

There were a lot of The Who records. When I was a kid living in England my dad was a huge rock ‘n’ roll fan, a huge Who fan. So there was a on of really cool Who riffs. ‘Magic Bus’ was a great one.

You’ll be messing around and a succession of notes will go by. It will catch your ear and you’ll go back and sort of suss out what it was. And they come from just jamming with the drums a lot of times. Riffs are a very much rhythmic thing, and if you’re just jamming with drums and things will pop out.”

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