In a recent conversation made by Louder Sound, Slash speaks about Izzy Stradlin and why he wasn’t envolved the reunion tour: Not in This Lifetime.

Obviously, Slash does not want to give spesific details about the situation. Instead he chose to say that ‘something’ didn’t work out.

Here is Slash’s statement:

“It was something that just didn’t work out. We were keen on trying to get it to happen but it just didn’t work itself out.

Also, in the same conversation, Slash talked about his iconic guitar Gibson Les Paul and how did he choose it.

Slash honestly revealed that he did not know which guitar sounded like and Les Paul’s asthetic was so attractive. Here is what Slash said:

“I’m not sure if I chose the Les Paul or the Les Paul chose me. When I started picking up the guitar, the Les Paul had a certain aesthetic appeal to me.

I didn’t know a lot about which guitar sounded like what, but a lot of guitar players I liked at that point in time had Les Pauls and I just thought they looked cool.

I did try a whole bunch of different guitars, from Strats to SGs, and then came full circle back to Les Paul, and that wasn’t until 1985 with Guns N’ Roses. I think I was using a Bicester Rich when Guns N’ Roses first started.”

In 2017, Slash had an interview with Sixx Sense and said that ‘Whole Lotta Love’ was the real reason which turned him to Les Paul.

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