Guns N’ Roses’ legendary guitarist, Slash is very well-known with his bizarre social media posts, and he added another part to that bizarre collection…

This time, Slash has shared book cover of “Aliens Colonial: Marines Rising Threat” on his official Instagram page, and gave some details about the book. Also, he hasn’t forgotten add his classic emojis.

Here’s what he wrote:

“Repost via @instarepost20 from @tyrannojones Behold! My favourite #cover and @alienanthology -related #art I’ve #drawn to date, with stunning #colours by @spidermanfan2099! This is the #coverart for #ALIENS Colonial Marines: Rising Threat #comics, in stores October 23 from @darkhorsecomics! iiii]; )'”

A user named gabriellafuntig said that:

“It was the best of my life. I saw it many times. I love pic … 👍”

Another user named martinezvirginiaartist commented:

“The White House and Senate…But classy.”

See the Instagram post below.

You can watch Slash’s latest interview below.