Guns N’ Roses’ legendary guitarist, Slash is very well-known with his bizarre social media posts, and he added another part to that bizarre collection of posts.

This time, Slash posted a really NSFW photo of the famous cartoon, Scooby-Doo. As you will see the post by clicking here, the photo shows the nude versions of the famous characters of the cartoon.

A user named c_the_.spam wrote this:

“Where the fuck does slash find this shit?”

Another user named thelastfupabender commented:

“Slash is like a dad that doesn’t quite know how to use social media so he just accidentally posts all of the porn he has in his camera roll.”

jesus2p0 shared his feelings:

“Mom, slash is ruining my childhood.”

Last week, uns N’ Roses icon and legendary guitarist, Slash has shared a really rare video of his Idol named “Mr. Freddie King” on his official Instagram page, and shared a little informative article about King.

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