Lead guitarist of Guns N’ Roses, Slash has celebrated born anniversaries of his two fan pages with a really honest messages he shared on Twitter.

He celebrated 4th anniversary of a fan page named Slash Army Europe, and said:

“Happy 4th anniversary to @SlashArmyEurope supporting #SMKC ! Thank you for your tireless efforts! Here’s to 4 more! Cheers! iiii]; )'”

Slash Army Europe responded with a simple message:

“Thank You Slash 🤘”

He also celebrated 5th anniversary of another fan page, Slash Army Italy, and wrote:

“Congrats to @SlashArmyItaly for 5 great years representing #SMKC! Thank you for your support! Here’s to 5 more great years! iiii]; )'”

Slash Army Italy replied:

“Thank you! 🙏🏼”

You can reach the tweets of Slash below.