The legendary Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash was recently interviewed by the Series: Josh Marshall Podcast and revealed why he needs to take a break with Guns N’ Roses for some time.

Slash revealed the details of the projects he’s about to make with Conspirators and how he plans to return working with Guns N’ Roses.

Here is what Slash said, transcribed by Alternative Nation:

“We had a sizable break in January of this year, so we went back and revisited the old ideas, and then had a bunch of new ones, put it all together, made a record just in time for me to go back to Guns N’ Roses, do a tour.

He continued:

“So I could get back in September to do a run starting with this record. Sort of squeeze a world tour into a relatively short amount of time, and then I’ll go back to Guns.

I mean, I have a break for a couple of days coming up. I’m not good with long breaks anyways. After a week, I’m pretty much ready to go.”

You can listen to the whole podcast below.

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