The iconic guitarist of Guns N’ Roses, Slash posted a new photo on his Instagram page and sent his condolences to his old-time friend and successful recording engineer, Ed Cherney.

Unfortunately, the famous actor has died at the age of 69. He was struggling with lung cancer for years, and today he lost the battle.

Slash wrote this on the photo:

“RIP #EdCherney One of the greatest guys in the business. & a good friend. We are going to miss you terribly.”

A user named bradhardisty wrote an emotional comment:

“❤️ Really sucks, every day it’s somebody that is a part of my life some way. The old school powerhouse good ears we are losing are irreplaceable.”

Another user named melissachristian79 said that:

“Rest in ✌. Sorry for this sad news.”

See the Instagram post below.