Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash spoke in an interview with Billboard and revealed the thing that shock him when he was return home from massive Guns N’ Roses tour.

He has expressed his feelings about seeing the Los Angeles area after the recent wildfire devastation. He said:

“It will be a shock for me to go and physically be there when I go back in December and realize that some of these places that I am so familiar with are no longer there.

Watching it while it’s on the news and it being so close to home, it’s a weird kind of helpless feeling that you have while you watch this thing happening.

And then… you’ve got a gig in a couple of minutes and shift gears and you go out and play and you forget all about it and you’re out there for three hours… and you come back after the show, and you turn the news on, and another neighborhood just went up in flames.”

He continued:

“I didn’t have aspirations to get where I am at, at this moment, it was just to keep playing, to keep getting better, to keep working on the next gig and… eventually the time comes when you get to make a record.

“It was just sort of putting one foot in front of the other the whole time, and just keeping it moving and going forward, and always sort of striving to do the next best move you could possibly make and persevering. I guess ‘tenacious’ would be a good word for it. And that’s the long and short of it.”

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