Photo: Angel Rchini

In an interview with Stuff, Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash talks about how he “accidentaly” got into rock music and guitar.

Interviewer said:

“Here’s what got me: it turns out the young Saul Hudson almost fell into rock’n’roll by accident. What he really wanted to do was ride tiny push-bikes over rough terrain at high speed.”

Slash stated:

Oh, yeah, man! Absolutely! I was a pro-BMX racer as a kid, and my main aspiration was to eventually become a moto-cross champion. I was obsessed! But then I inadvertently picked up the guitar and everything switched gears inside of 24 hours, and before long, my career took off.”

Interviewer said:

“He’s almost sighing as he says this, like it’s a bit of a bummer. Here he is, a multi-millionaire rock star, suddenly wistful for what might have been.”

Slash added:

“I still follow the BMX stuff, you know? It’s evolved so much now. I thought we were pretty crazy back in the day, but those riders have taken it to a level I never even dreamed was possible…

The fact that I walked away from so many near-death experiences, well… I don’t take any of that for granted. I’m really appreciative that I managed to walk away from all that stuff.”

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