Guns N’ Roses legend Slash had a recent interview with Futuro 88.9FM, and revealed his favorite bands in ordinary days.

Here is the interview transcribed by Alternative Nation:

“I’m aware of new bands and I listen to new stuff whenever I get ahold of it. I haven’t got fixated on any brand new band as of yet, but there’s a bunch of really cool stuff out there. Mostly I’ve been listening to – for new music, you know – the Alice in Chains record that came out, and also the Prophets of Rage record and the Queens of the Stone Age record.

There’s a lot of new records I’ve been listening to when at home and in my car. The rest of the time I’m listening to a lot of blues stuff and, you know, just classic stuff on the radio. When I’m on the road, I’m basically doing more writing than listening to anybody.”

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Last week, Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash was recently interviewed by Guitar Magazine, and commented about Gibson’s bankcruptcy.

Slash said that he was very close to the company but not even close to the people who work there.

Here is his statement:

“I think I was always aware of certain changes. Not so much in Gibson proper – it was just that there were all these new divisions being added; amendments to the company that were unnecessary, stuff that I didn’t really see the vision for. But I was, like, ‘Eh, whatever!’ because it wasn’t affecting what I do.

But when I started to do more signature models with Gibson, I started to become more aware of the experimental stuff they were doing with the electronic stuff, which was becoming a big part of the fabric of the brand. And I was like, ‘I just don’t get it! I don’t need it, so I don’t know why anybody else is going to need it!

Then there was a lot of turnover happening in the last couple of years with some of the really key people who’d been at Gibson forever, and that’s when it started to get a little weird. And then the inevitable happened.

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