Guns N’ Roses legend Slash’s girlfriend Meegan Hogges posted a new photo on her verified Instagram page and revealed a never-told-before story about The Rolling Stones icon, Mick Jagger.

Here is the caption of the photo:

“I ordered sea monkeys from the back of Josie and the Pussycats comic book when I was little. #theywerenotlikethedrawingstheydidntcomewithcrowns”

An here is what’s written on the comic:

“Mick Jagger Lips! Order now! Be in with the in-crowd, order now, new self adhesive, easy stick-on Mick Jagger lips, fab gear. Showbiz, yes, yes, rave of the week.

Medium, large, small available. Full details from your local lip dealer! P.S.-Group singers! These lips help you get that true R&B feel.”

You can see the photo below.

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