During in a recent interview with Guns N’ Roses Central podcast, former Guns N’ Roses manager Doug Goldstein has shared the story about why Axl Rose didn’t attend Blind Melon singer Shannon Hoon’s funeral.

He said that Axl Rose run away from paparazzi. Here’s the reason:

“He didn’t attend. It would’ve been too weird for him to show up in Lafayette under those circumstances. Just to sneak in.

Something that big, he didn’t want to take away from Shannon. It was Shannon’s day. And it would have been, put it this way: I got married in 1990 and Axl and Slash came and I had to hire security. They found twenty paparazzi. They weren’t there to take pictures of me. Twenty paparazzi hiding in the bushes at my wedding.

So, Axl, we talked about it. Out of respect for Shannon more than anything else- it wasn’t a disrespectful thing he wasn’t there. Quite the antitheses. He was torn up about it. I mean he was torn up about it. I mean, he loved Shannon.”

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He also revealed what Axl Rose really thinks about grunge legends Nirvana.

Here’s the statement:

“He (Axl Rose) loved Alice in Chains, he liked them a lot. I told you before but Axl had to get the guys in GN’R – in particular, Slash and Duff – to listen to Nirvana. He was like, ‘Guys, this is where music is going.’”