Photo Credit: TMZ

Earlier this month, Guns N’ Roses legend Axl Rose had a really terrible accident during the Guns N’ Roses’ recent concert in Las Vegas.

After Axl Rose slipped all of a sudden and fell really badly on stage, he made a statement and revealed his current health status.

Here is what Axl said earlier:

“Thank you for all the best wishes and, if I hadn’t had the boots, the straps n’ everything I do for my ankles it would’ve been worse.”

American actor and stand-up comedian, David Spade made a new statement today and revealed Axl’s latest health status.

Here is what David Spade told:

“Axl Rose is recovering after a nasty fall during a show in Las Vegas. Doctors say the fall damaged Axl’s ‘sha na na na na, knees, knees.’ And his ankle.”

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You can watch that nasty accident below.