During a recent interview with EW, Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan has revealed his thoughts on possible upcoming album of Guns n’ Roses.

Duff explained what fans can expect from new GN’R album, and said ‘It’ll come when it comes.’. Here’s the statement:

“There’s a lot of songs bouncing around, I’ll tell you that. These 11 songs that are on this record were in a group of, I’m not even s—ing you, like 70 that I wrote. Axl has some really kick ass s–t that he had coming into it.

We’ve never been at a loss for material. So the next step on that, as far as just everything Guns N’ Roses goes, I’ll just say we’re in a really f—ing positive place. It’ll come when it comes.”

He also talked about his solo career, and explained how Slash supported him nicely:

“They’re behind me for sure. Slash got me this really nice acoustic guitar for the tour. Axl’s been supportive. They know what I’m doing.”

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