The youngest and newest member of Guns N’ Roses, the talented keyboardist Melissa Reese, posted a photo on her Instagram account and revealed why her shoulders finally lowered today.

As you may know, the 59th quadrennial presidential election of the United States was held on the 3rd of November and it was concluded today. Joe Biden, who was running against Donald Trump, won the elections and Biden will now be serving as the president of the United States.

Upon hearing the news, Melissa Reese posted a photo on her Instagram account with some of her friends, in which they were all smiling (probably, as we cannot see under the masks) and holding up the peace sign.

Melissa Reese shared the relief and happiness that she felt upon the conclusion of the presidential elections with her fans and followers by posting a photo on Instagram. Her followers responded to her Instagram post with positive messages and hopeful wishes, which must have made Melissa Reese even happier.

It is clear that Melissa Reese was both physically and mentally affected by the presidential elections. Thus, it is great to see that the outcome made her feel mentally and physically a lot better.

Here is what Melissa Reese wrote in the caption of the photo she posted on her Instagram:

“Today my shoulders lowered, and the ball of stress in my tummy has finally started to shrink. I have needed this good news. We have needed this good news.

Happy-ing safely with friends x foods x gratitudes. 🎊🍟🥞”

You can check out the photo that Melissa Reese posted on her Instagram below.