The latest member who has joined Guns N’ Roses and also the co-founder of the creative production company Green Frog, Melissa Reese, has posted a recent photo on her official Instagram account today and mesmerized her fans with her beauty once again.

As you will check out the caption she has shared with the photo, Melissa claimed that there is not a single filter on the photo. However, some of the fans thought that the bright eyes of her were an Instagram filter. In case, Melissa was using sleekier contact lenses for celebrating early Halloween.

Here is the caption she shared:

“Vibing some Halloween eyez. 👁 👁 👀 🎃👻🍫

Portrait mode strikes again. No filter.Hello, freckles and pores. 🤪”

After Melissa has shared the photo, Guns N’ Roses legend Duff McKagan’s wife and also a famous model, Susan Holmes McKagan, took to the comment section of the post and showed her admiration for Melissa. She also responded back to show respect.

Here is what Susan Holmes said:

Digging the shorter hair on ya looks super pretty.💛”

Mellisa wrote this as a response:

“Thanks, baby doll. I❤️U. 💋💋💋Adjusting! 😂 (But loving so much about it! Needed a change for a minute. You know the vibe. 😘)”

You can check out the post of Mellissa Reese below.