The legend of guitar and rock n’ roll world, and also lead guitarist of Guns N’ Roses, Slash wanted some help for his upcoming documentary project in a recent post on Instagram.

He used “slashnews” hashtag and wrote:

“Slash fans, want to help us document our North American tour? It’s easy! We want to see your day leading up to the show, and your experience in the crowd.

Download the @cinebody app at, enter code NORAM and film your experience at the show. Make sure to accept push notifications.

Show us what you got and we look forward to seeing what you shoot! #slashnews”

Here’s the Instagram post of Slash.

Back in June 2019, Slash talked in a recent interview with Rock Cellar, and gave some details about possible Guns N’ Roses album.

Rock Cellar asked “You recently made the news. You said in an interview a month or so ago, there’s probably enough songs for a new Guns N’ Roses album, is that true?”, and Slash responded:

“No, you know, by the time it gets to the place where anybody’s read it, it’s morphed into something more than what I directly said. There is material that Axl’s been working on for a while. It could be enough for a record if we put it all together.

Everybody has got demos, and everybody’s got material, and this that and the other, for whatever it could be. It’s just a matter of us focusing on it. So it’s really hard to answer questions on the next Guns thing.”

Check out the details from here.