Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash made an appearance in a recent interview with Heavy Consequence and revealed the reason for his passion for the Gibson’s Les Paul Standard guitars.

During the conversation, Slash stated that he has been using the same guitar since the first Guns N’ Roses album. He also mentioned the longtime relationship he had with Gibson which started around 1988.

According to his statements, Slash enjoys playing the Les Paul Standard so much that this seemed to be the main reason why he is playing with them since the beginning of his career. He also mentioned that he once did a line of different Les Paul Standards which were in all different colors.

In addition to revealing his love for these iconic guitars, Slash also shared an interesting story about them. The iconic guitarist revealed that a number of his guitars were stolen back in the late ’90s from his own studio at his house. He could manage to get back every single one except the Goldtop model. Afterward, he started to look for a guitar to replace it.

Later on, Slash found out the person who was responsible for the theft and revealed that her name was Victoria. Because of this interesting story, Slash stated that he decided to name his Goldtop model after her.

Here is what Slash said:

“I’ve been using a Gibson since the first record, but I established a relationship with them starting in 1988.

It’s been developing all these years. I did this line of different Les Paul Standards that are all different colors. And at the end of that, I said, ‘You know, I’d love to do a Goldtop, as well.’

Back in the late ’90s, I had a bunch of guitars stolen out of my studio in my house. I’ve actually managed to get all the guitars back, but I never knew exactly who was behind the theft.”

He continued:

“And one of the guitars I didn’t get back was a Goldtop that was stolen. So, I’ve been trying to find another Goldtop to replace it over the years.

Then at some point, I found out who was responsible for the theft, not long ago, and her name was Victoria, so I decided to name the guitar after her!”

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