Mae McKagan, who is the daughter of Guns N’ Roses bass guitarist Duff McKagan and an astonishing model, put her beauty on display on Instagram and captivated her followers with her toned body.

As you can see in the picture below, Mae was laying on the bed and giving a flirty look towards the camera. She was wearing nothing on top and showing off her flawless skin as she was revealing her thin waist.

Moreover, Mae was wearing a black fishnet stocking that surrounds her legs perfectly and black lingerie that suits her perfect body. Even with simple makeup on her face, she was looking fabulously beautiful.

Also, it’s clear to see that Mae has a secret tattoo on the side of her curves and showing it to her dear followers. In the caption, Mae wrote that this picture is actually a gift for her followers.

Here is what Mae McKagan said:

“From me to you.💚”

You can check out the post below.