Grace McKagan, who is the daughter of Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan, has shared a new photo on Instagram Stories and captivated admirers by showing off her appearance before the pool time.

In this photo, Grace took a mirror selfie before going to the pool by wearing a light green bikini and crop top. She fascinated her fans with her natural beauty and wonderful aesthetics, although she did not wear makeup.

Here’s what Grace wrote on the photo:

“Pool day. Turn my swag on.”

See the Instagram photo below.

Photo Credit: Grace McKagan – Instagram

A few days ago, Grace McKagan has posted some romantic photos of herself with her beloved boyfriend, Blues Williams, via her official and verified Instagram page.

The duo has had a romantic and sweet day together in the garden of their house. Blues Williams was playing his guitar for Grace, and she accompanied to his song with her amazing voice.

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