In an episode of Breaking Absolutes, guitarist Gus G recalled the time when he was on an Ozzy Osbourne tour which included drinking tea and exercises instead of drugs or alcohol.

Guitarist Gus G joined Ozzy Osbourne in 2009 when Osbourne’s management sent an email invitation to him. Gus then became the lead guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne following a concert with the band. He appeared with Ozzy at BlizzCon 2009 for the first time and toured with him in the Summer of 2012. Gus also played on Ozzy’s album ‘Scream’ in 2010.

Speaking to Breaking Absolutes, Gus G remembered his time in Ozzy Osbourne’s band between 2009 and 2017. He talked about their recording process and stressed that touring with the Prince of Darkness was a wonderful experience, especially bearing in mind that all the ‘wild moments’ happened naturally, without the use of drugs, as Ozzy had gone sober.

Gus G recalled the Ozzy Osbourne tour where all they did was drink tea. He said that there were antics including drugs and alcohol during that time. He then revealed that there were just tea and warm-up exercises instead. Gus also noted that the rock n’ roll on the stage was real.

Gus G told Breaking Absolutes about the tour that:

“It was all the stuff you can ever think of or whatever you’ve seen in the movies and thought it was like – it was like that. Without the debauchery and all the wild moments because all we did was drink tea on that tour.

No cocaine on that tour, nothing. No drugs, no booze, just tea and warmup exercises. I mean, the rock ‘n’ roll on stage was real, that was living the myth, the stuff that you see on all the classic Ozzy videos and live shows and stuff, that was the real deal.”

Considering Ozzy Osbourne’s stage performances and wild live shows, it’s surprising to learn they were only sipping their teas backstage. As it turns out, some rock stars only go crazy on stage and act like normal human beings when not in the spotlight.