Lzzy Hale, the co-founder and frontwoman of the Pennsylvania-based band Halestorm, has disclosed her guilty pleasure about music while explaining when does her creativity work the best as producing incredible songs.

One of the most productive and successful frontwomen in the metal community, Lzzy Hale, has taken her time to interact with her fans on Twitter and answer some of the most wondered questions about herself lately.

As you may remember, under the ‘Ask Lzzy Anything‘ hashtag, Hale has responded to the question of one of her followers, who is into pirate music and wonders if Lzzy likes the genre as well.

Soon after a conversation about pirate metal and the band, Alestorm, Lzzy has unveiled her guilty pleasure, as well as the time when she does her best music, as an answer to her follower on Twitter.

She said that her guilty pleasure is dance music and dark rave/punk, along with a lot of pop. Also, she explained that her best music comes from setting herself free of all constraints, instead of a dark place or somewhere neutral.

Here’s what Lzzy Hale said on Twitter to take questions of her fans:

It’s been a second… Anyone wanna play with me? Ask Lzzy Anything.”

A fan of her, whose name is Kyle, asked:

Woops forgot to put ‘Ask Lzzy Anything.’ What is your guilty pleasure? And when you make music do you think your best music comes from a dark place or somewhere neutral?”

Lzzy responded as:

“Dance music and dark rave/punk, along with a lot of pop is my guilty pleasure… My best music comes from setting myself free of all constraints.”

You can see the tweets below.