One of the female icons of rock music, Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale, talked about the financial difficulties musicians face in the world of rock music during an interview she had with Forbes.

Lzzy Hale discussed the financial issues rock musicians face and came clean about the realities of being in a rock band and being heavily dependant on touring income. Lzzy Hale talked about the misconceptions people have towards musicians:

“I think that a lot of people look at musicians and look at people that have record labels or albums coming out and they think, ‘Oh they’re set, they’ve made it, and they’re millionaires.’

And it doesn’t help that some of those people are flaunting their mansions and stuff, or that some of the people of note and the legendary people are doing a lot of that.”

She confessed how much money she had when she released her first album:

“I remember putting out our first record [2009’s self-titled] and literally having 20 dollars to my name and being like, ‘Do I use this to get lunch?’

A lot of these younger bands that have released a record or are attached to labels they’re not getting that financial help that everybody thinks they are.”

Lzzy Hale then talked about musicians being dependant on the touring income:

“But I feel for some of these kids because think about it, you’ve spent all of this time making a record and you’ve put your life into it, and you’re dependent on this summer touring cycle to help you promote it and get your name out there.

There are a lot of young bands that we’re just not going to hear about because of all of this. They’re going to have to go back and get normal jobs and start all over again. I think about it with my reality too depending on how long this goes on.”

She also criticized the unfairness in the industry:

“As much as we love touring and I really do, it’s my first love, but I think about the bands that actually don’t love touring or feel it’s exhausting but they have to do it to make ends meet.

Like I said, we are lucky because we love it, but I think there’s an unfairness in the industry, and maybe it’s a sign for everyone to relook at that model and make it better for everybody and the actual artists.”

Lzzy Hale pointed out the importance of everything musicians do:

“Without what we do, without the songs the musicians create, the promotion the musicians do, the live performances, and the practice of your instrument, without that all of these platforms, the streaming, the labels, and everything, they don’t have anything to work with.”

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