Halestorm frontwoman and also the founder of the band, Lzzy Hale, has shared a new photo on her verified Instagram account today and showed off her longing for playing live shows.

While the whole world is struggling with the coronavirus outbreak, almost every single musician in the rock music community had to stay away from the stages and of course, they are eager to perform live as soon as possible.

In her latest Instagram post, Lzzy Hale talked about performing a perfect live show without lip-syncing and tricks of how to prepare gigs mentally. According to Lzzy, the musicians should trust their souls before performing and stay sharp whether they perform in front of two people or a fully-crowded stadium.

After Lzzy Hale paid her tribute to the photographer of the frame who is working with Halestorm for years named Judy Hwon, over 20K people have liked the photo including Joe Hottiger, who is the other member of the band and the partner of Lzzy.

Here is the caption of the photo she has shared:

“To perform a live rock show… No tracks, no click, no lip-syncing, no trickery… Is the most real, pure feeling you can get in this life.

To hold the moment in your hand, to know in your bones that this could be magic or a train wreck, depending on how you’ve prepared and the risk you take being on stage… And then trusting in your soul to perform… That is LIVING in its purest form.

She continued:

“I encourage every young musician to expose themselves in this way. Know what it’s like to have the room depend on you to elevate it. Play in front of a room filled with two people and the sound guy… Make it sound like u are performing in a stadium instead.

It’s the most beautiful way to find yourself as an artist. Because if you can do all these things and then make it to playing to stadiums and major festivals, that FEELING is an intangible void that cannot be filled with anything on this earth. Can’t wait to get back to this very soon!”

You can click here to check out the Instagram post.