Grammy Award-winning American rock band Halestorm’s new song “Do Not Disturb” was released. You can listen to the song from below.

Th band’s new album “Vicious” will be released on July 27, 2018 with the Atlantic label.Lzzy Hale spoke about the song as follows:

“Every record, we try to kind of get it closer and closer to what people see every day live. And I really think that this is the most Halestorm record that you’re gonna hear from us as of yet.”

‘Vicious’ track listing:

1. Black Vultures
2. Skulls
3. Uncomfortable
4. Buzz
5. Do Not Disturb
6. Conflicted
7. Killing Ourselves to Live
8. Heart of Novocaine
9. Painkiller
10. White Dress
11. Vicious
12. The Silence