The frontwoman of Halestorm and also known as an active LGBTQ supporter of the community, Lzzy Hale, has responded to some of her fans’ tweets on her verified account and reacted to being credited as an LGTBQ artist in some of the recent articles of Loudwire.

As you might already know that it’s a spoken rumor that Halestorm star is a bisexual. However, Lzzy did not hesitate to mention the truth about her bisexuality on loud.

Here is some part of the song named ‘Do Not Disturb’ that confirmed the sexual identity of Lzzy. Those lyrics also have been mentioned in the article of Rolling Stone back in 2018:

“I think that we should make out … There’s a pretty safe bet you’ll never see me again. I love your accent / I wonder what it’ll sound like when you come.”

After responding to the fan that put the article on her mentioned tweet, Lzzy has confirmed her sexuality once again in public and confirmed that she’s bisexual.

Here is what’s written about Lzzy on the article of Loudwire:

“The vicious frontwoman of hard rock band Halestorm has openly confirmed that she is bisexual. She does a lot of advocating for equality and empowers people to embrace their sexuality.”

Lzzy confirmed Loudwire’s line by saying:

“Wow, I think this is either the first credible publication that has mentioned my sexuality. If not the first one of the very few.

You can check out these tweets below and click here to read the article.