The iconic frontwoman and co-founder of Halestorm, Lzzy Hale has unveiled her stance on pirate music while referring to a band that has an almost identical name with Hale’s band in her recent Q&A.

The talented musician Lzzy Hale has been quite interactive on social media despite her busy routine, hosting the famous TV show of AXS, ‘A Year In Music,’ which provides a year-by-year look at our musical landscape, including the biggest artists, songs, and albums as well as the new acts we’d be hearing for years to come.

After announcing the new episodes of the series, Hale has returned with her traditional ‘Ask Lzzy Anything‘ hashtag on Twitter. She has responded to the wide range of questions of her fans, even the most unexpected ones.

When Lzzy has been asked what’s her stance on pirate music, not stolen music, but the actual pirates who play music, she pointed out the band called, Alestorm. Hale has proved that she’s kept up with the trends in different genres in music while indicating the almost namesake band.

Alestorm is a multi-national heavy metal band originally from Perth, Scotland. Their music is characterized by a pirate theme, and as a result, they have been dubbed a pirate metal band by many critics and their fanbase.

Here’s what Lzzy Hale said in her recent tweet:

It’s been a second… Anyone wanna play with me? Ask Lzzy anything.”

A fan, whose nickname is Bilge Pumps, asked:

“The real question is… What’s your stance on pirate music… Not stolen music… Pirates, who play music? Important stuff.”

Lzzy responded as:

“Ever heard of Alestorm?”

You can see the tweets below.