Halestorm’s gorgeous and talented frontwoman Lzzy Hale joined a recent conversation with her fans via using her official Twitter account and revealed the details of the ‘I Get Off.’

While two of the Halestorm fans were arguing about the lyrics of the song, Lzzy replied to the tweets and clarified that ‘I Get Off’ was not written about sex, the topic of the song was the audience she sees during the concert.

Furthermore, Lzzy admitted that performing in front of the fans can be a better experience than sex from her experiences and stated that she really like to write songs about sex.

A fan named Bryan said:

“I’ve seen people literally tell her they masturbate to her… I don’t know that seems a bit uh… Much. But if it doesn’t bother her whatever.”

Another fan named Minerva’s Muse said:

“They might think they can say that because of the song ‘I Get Off.’ But those people need a damned filter. Songs should not be taken literally!

The nature of song-writing can relate to real life, of course, but those people need to learn how to be human beings around stars.”

Bryan replied:

“That song is literal though. I agree about the filter but she’s gone over it a number of times that I Get Off is literal.”

Lzzy Hale responded:

“Actually the song was not originally written about sex… but I owned every bit of the double entendre… it’s actually about all of you that I see in front of me in the audience.”

Minerva’s Muse replied:

“I know from performing myself that the energy between a musician and his/her audience can have a potent double entendre! Performing can be better than sex, in my opinion!”

Lzzy Hale wrote:

“Absolutely… in some of my personal experience. I like talking about sex in songs… Cuz I grew up on songs that did so. I weird it like a superpower.”

You can read the conversation below.