The frontwoman of her own band Halestorm and considered as one of the most talented guitarists of the new era, Lzzy Hale, has shared a new post on her Tumblr account and revealed the secrets of her self-care.

On her official Tumblr account named ‘Lady Evil: The Diary of Lzzy Hale,’ Halestorm frontwoman admitted that she’s crafting almost everything she uses in her ordinary life. As she calls herself a ‘DIY’er for many years’ and this is the real secret of having no dryness of the skin, she also claimed to make her own stuff keeping her hair clean all the time.

Lzzy also exposed her multifunctional travel companion by naming the natural soaps she’s using all the time: Unscented, Blue Mint, Mother Earth, and Lemongrass Green.

Here is what she wrote on her blog post:

“I’ve been a DIY-er for many years. I make my own deodorant, face and body oils, toothpaste, masks, moisturizer, shampoo, sunscreen, perfume, conditioner, styling spray, makeup remover and have even dabbled in crafting my own makeup from scratch on occasion.

The reason for this is that my skin and hair are in pretty good shape when l leave them alone. The trouble starts whenever I decide to put commercial products on them.

For example, commercial moisturizer makes me break out, commercial shampoo causes my hair to split and break… and all the soap I’ve tried leaves my skin itchy with dry patches, and prone to chicken skin.”

She continued:

“I had all but given up on soap specifically. I adopted radical practices over the years like body brushing, oil washing, and water only washing( it’s not that weird, don’t make that face).

Until a good friend of mine, Rachel Bolan of Skid Row sent me a few bars of his new endeavor “Dirty Rocker Soap.”

I put off trying it for a few days because I didn’t want to have to give my friend the “It’s not you, it’s me,” routine explaining about my body’s inability to adapt to the concept of soap.

But when I dove in and Sudsed up…holy shit! No dryness of the skin, no breaking out, no itchiness…”

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