Halestorm lead vocalist Lzzy Hale shared a post on Twitter to give some exciting news to their fans. She announced that they have started working on the mastering process of their upcoming album.

Halestorm released their fourth studio album named ‘Vicious’ on July 27, 2018, and the record received very positive reviews from their fans and music critics while hitting the charts worldwide. Then, the band released ‘Reimagined’ featuring five reworked Halestorm songs and Dolly Parton’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ cover.

After the release, some Halestorm fans kept saying that they wanted to listen to the band’s new songs instead of the reissues. Recently, the band announced that they have started composing and recording their new album, which made their fans very excited and happy.

In her recent tweet, Lzzy Hale revealed that they are at the final stage of the upcoming Halestorm album, mastering, which they will probably release in a few months later. The frontwoman highlighted that the album will soon start its journey to Halestorm fans’ hearts. Several fans commented under her post and expressed their excitement for the band’s upcoming record.

Hale’s tweet read:

“Mastering of the new album happens today. Then, it’s out of our hands and into your hearts.”

Lzzy Hale also posted a series of photos from their final mastering sessions on Instagram to express her happiness and gratitude for finishing their new record. She said that Halestorm members couldn’t wait to start perfecting it, although they spent the past weeks living in a tour bus.

The Halestorm frontwoman described this process as ‘difficult, maddening, and rewarding’ and finished her message by exclaiming that their fans are not ready for what is about to come. Her post received many comments from fans who exclaimed that they are looking forward to the band’s upcoming ‘beast’ album.

Hale expressed her feelings about the record as follows:

“We are listening to final mixes of our new album today. These shots were captured by Judy Won right after we got dropped off at home after living in a tour bus for weeks. Talk about time travel.

We dove right into listening and creating song sequences to best tell our story. I’m so proud of this album. It was the most difficult, maddening, and rewarding process yet. You all ain’t ready for this beast.”

You can check out the tweet and the photos Lzzy Hale posted on her Instagram account below.