Halestorm guitarist Joe Hottinger spoke in an interview with Louder With Ore B and discussed the place of women in today’s rock and metal community.

“Lzzy Hale is amazing, and there is a lot to be said for being a female in this rock and roll scene, especially the hard rock scene that’s so traditionally aggressive and testosterone[-driven].

And she’s definitely proving — her, and there’s so many killer women out there right now: Maria Brink [from In This Moment] and Ash Costello [from New Years Day] and Amy Lee [from Evanesence]… There are too many to name right now. They are proving that this hard rock music, or metal music, or heavier music in general, the great moments don’t… That doesn’t equal testosterone.”

He continued:

“It’s amazing. This tour we did in the States with In This Moment and New Years Day There were so many girls — more girls showing up to the show than guys — and they were totally rocking out and totally getting in these moments and they’re owning it.

And it has nothing to do with testosterone or gender — it’s just music. And I think Lzzy and these other women are proving that it’s just fun music and it’s good music it’s not this ‘man’s world’ and this ‘man fest’ and this ‘dude thing.’ It’s just fun music, and it’s cool to see them owning it.”

You can watch the entire interview from below. (Source: Blabbermouth)