The co-founder and frontwoman of Halestorm, Lzzy Hale has urged her fans to vote in the upcoming presidential election of the US while saying our freedoms and rights are being threatened and it’s time to stand firm for our bodies.

One of the most hardworking and productive musicians in the metal community, Lzzy Hale, wanted to draw attention to a significant issue about all the women in the states while spreading Planned Parenthood‘s latest message as the date of the election is getting closer.

On Instagram, Hale reposted the informing call of the organization, in which it was stated that our voices can change the direction of this country.

As the reason for this project, it was indicated that, after the rushed confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett, in the midst of a pandemic, we now face a Supreme Court that puts our health and freedoms, including our right to safe and legal abortion, at extreme risk.

Since we can’t afford any further assaults on our reproductive freedom and our right to control our bodies, it was asked to unite our voices in the 2020 election. Lzzy has supported the act by emphasizing the fact that her body is hers, and your body is yours, that’s all.

Here’s what Lzzy Hale said in her recent Instagram post:

“My friends, peers and I are making our voices heard. Our freedoms and rights are being threatened. Now more than ever we must stand firm and United against the people who think that they own our bodies.

My body is Mine. Your body is yours. Make your voice heard.”

You can see the post below.