On their official Instagram pages, Lzzy Hale, lead singer and rhythm guitarist of Halestorm, and Scott Ian, the only original remaining member of Anthrax, shared posts with a message that concerns citizens of the United States of America and their democracy, voting.

In the United States of America, voters keep decreasing and voting becomes more and more controversial every single day. Moreover, decreasing numbers is now seen as a huge threat to democracy.

Celebrities and anyone who has an influence on citizens try to help in order to solve this problem. They share posts on their social media, explaining it is important to use their right to vote. Lzzy Hale and Scott Ian are recent examples of this. They used their influence and social media to spread awareness and inform people.

For this cause, Lzzy Hale shared an Instagram post. She said:

“It is so important that you make your voice heard and Vote.

Are you Registered? Register to Vote at HeadCount.org or Text VOTER to 40649 link in Bio!

We are all in this together!”

Another contribution came from Scott Ian. He also shared a post on his Instagram page. He said:

“I’m going to make this really easy for you.

Register to Vote at Headcount.org OR Text VOTER to 40649.

Easy right? Do it! Please share and repost.”

You can see the posts below.