Lzzy Hale, the co-founder and frontwoman of Halestorm, has posted a magnificent photo of herself taken when she took over the stage with her guitar and called out all the guitarists by saying anything they can do, she can do it in 8” heels.

One of the most talented women in the metal community, Lzzy Hale has been highly active on several social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. She has also been hosting a podcast, named Raise Your Horns, in which she has special guests.

As Lzzy has made the first season finale on her podcast lately, she has taken Instagram to recall some good old times when it was not risky to put live performances. Sharing an applaudable pose of herself on stage in 8” heels, Lzzy challenged all guitarists pointing out her skills in such high heels.

Here is what Lzzy Hale said in her latest Instagram post:

“Anything you can do… I can do in 8” heels. Photo by Judy Won.”

You can see the post below.