Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale revealed one of the most wondered things about her collaboration with Apocalyptica and explained how they are communicating with themselves.

Yesterday, Apocalyptica released a new song featured Lzzy Hale named ‘Talk To Me,’ and it viewed over 50K times less than a day on Youtube. Also, this song is the fourth collaboration that Lzzy has made since the beginning of 2020.

One of the fans of Lzzy wondered how did they communicate while she was working together with the Swedish band, and Lzzy revealed if they had a language barrier during this collaboration or not. She stated that Apocalyptica knew how to speak English, and they could communicate easily because of that.

A fan named Michael asked:

“Don’t Talk to Me… Great work. Do the guys in Apocalyptica speak English? Between these guys (Finland, right?) and the Mongolian throat singers with The Hu you are really expanding out of your box! Great work!”

Lzzy Hale replied:

“Yes, they do. They have been friends with us for years…and we had always talked about doing something together but it never panned out. This time it did!”

You can check out the post below.