In a recent feature on Guitar World, Halestorm‘s Lzzy Hale talked about her experience with an identity crisis that came with staying at home during Covid.

The pandemic has caused a lot of anxiety, stress, and fear of the unknown for many, including our favorite artists. The first stages, where everyone had to quarantine, caused a great deal of distress to many. Although it was a difficult period for most artists, it was also the time to work on new projects that were different from what they had done in the past.

Like many other artists who started creating during the pandemic, Halestorm also went on a creative journey to finish what they had started in 2020 before everything shut down. Hale described the album as an exploration of herself and her mental health. She even wrote most of the lyrics inspired by her experiences during the pandemic. This process of self-discovery led Halestorm to release their fifth studio album ‘Back From the Dead’ in May 2022.

Hale recently stated that she saw Halestorm as a way to protect herself from her most authentic self and a tool to become the rocker she always dreamt of being. But the pandemic changed how she perceived herself when she looked in the mirror. Lzzy added that she had an identity crisis from sitting at home and not being able to perform as Lzzy Hale on stage.

Lzzy Hale’s thoughts on her identity crisis:

I had a bit of an identity crisis. The band has always been an extension of myself, and I always had this armor on, which protected the normal me and allowed me to become the person this rock performer I always wanted to be. Suddenly, I’m looking at myself and saying, ‘You’re no longer the onstage Lzzy Hale. Now you’re Elizabeth Hale who has been in her pajamas for three days doing nothing.’”

You can listen to ‘Back from the Dead’ below.