Within the platform of Consequence of Sound, the member of the band Halestorm, Lzzy Hale shared her thoughts upon the female existence in metal and rock music industries.

Hale talked about how the perception about the women musicians in the rock and metal genres has evolved since her band was founded in 1997. She expressed the tough road the women have paced and said:

“It’s definitely changed. When we were first coming up in the scene, I remember the first time we were trying to do showcases for labels, and we went to play for everybody, and everybody said the same thing.

‘We love what you do, but we don’t know what to do with you because the female thing in rock isn’t happening right now.'”

She also did not forget to mention some of the talented female musicians in these industries including her friend Amy Lee. Lzzy Hale said that:

“I know with myself and Amy Lee and Taylor Momsen and Maria Brink and all my female counterparts, a couple of years ago, we started talking about how important it was to be that example and be up onstage and say, ‘Hey you, girl in the front row. You can do it, too.’

Now, I’m seeing a lot of these amazing female musicians rocking hard. The hard rock genre is truly gender-less. We’re seeing all these women in the audience. It used to be 60/40 male to female, and now, it’s flipped. You see these women owning heavy music, and they love it.”

Lzzy ended up the conversation by giving an advice to the next generations of female musicians:

“My biggest piece of advice for being a female, or any gender, is to pride yourself in not paying any mind to what people think about what you do. They could hate me or love me. The only thing that matters is what you think of you.”

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