Halestorm lead vocalist Lzzy Hale was interviewed by Women Who Rock, which posted a short part of their conversation on Twitter, and she shared her advice for women working in the rock music industry.

It’s for sure that the rock music industry and the whole entertainment sector have always been male-dominated areas. Over the years, women were only seen as rock stars’ groupies or fans who were only with them for fame and attention. However, some female musicians aimed to change this sexist perspective.

Joan Jett, Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchel, Heart’s Ann and Nancy Wilson, and many more proved that women could become lead singers and entertainers thanks to their talents. They continue to inspire young musicians, and as one of them, Hale admitted that she realized that women could sing too after hearing Ann Wilson.

Now it’s Hale’s time to influence and give advice to women in the music business. She expressed her ideas by saying that they never stop trying to do their best no matter what happens, and they should focus on their work, not fame or money. Hale also reminded Halestorm’s early days while playing in small local places.

Women Who Rock’s tweet read:

“It’s very important for me to talk about being a woman in this business and flaunting it in everyone’s face,” says Lzzy Hale of Halestorm.”

In Hale’s words, she said:

It’s about action and not necessarily planning. Every time some of these say, ‘How do I get started?’ You have to start and do anything that you deem possible. When we first started the band, I was 13 years old. Our first shows were in the corner of coffeehouses and restaurants.

We were doing it, and we were actively doing it, always having something to plant. My second piece of advice was to own your craft and make a noise until you love the noise. Do it because you love it, don’t do it because you are going to make it into your career, make money, or for attention. You have to do it because it’s a primal need.

You can check out the tweet below.

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