One of the rare frontwomen of the music industry and also well-known guitar master, Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale, posted a recent photo on her official Instagram page today and gave a really interesting recommendation to her followers.

As the whole world is battling with the coronavirus outbreak, Lzzy stated that everyone should listen to music during this process and get used to elbow bumps, also known as a pornstar handshake.

Here is what she wrote:

“Remember to wash ur mits, adopt the pornstar handshake (elbow bumps) and practice social distancing. Stay away from large gatherings and only go out when necessary.

If you must go out, shop small and local. Stock up on frozen foods. Above all, stay positive, stay connected, stay informed, stay vicious. And listen to a LOT of ROCK music. Photo by Joe Hottinger.”

An Instagram user named matthewryan47 commented:

“Pretty much all I’ve been doing over the past week and avoiding the craziness of people bulk buying. Have a wonderful weekend Lzzy.”

Another user, bradyoung90 wrote this:

“Pornstar handshake?!🔥😂 That is a new one! Hahaha.”

You can check out the post right below.