Halestorm frontwomen Lzzy Hale talked in a new question and answer session via Twitter. She answered the questions she got from fans.

A fan named Sol asked:

“Any advice for a first #donotdisturb experience? If you know what I mean. I’m having one soon 😈”

Lzzy responded:

Communication!!!! Is is absolutely key! Talk in depth with your partners before and during.

It’s supposed to be fun, so if it becomes Not fun, don’t hesitate to speak up and be done! Xo remember sex is sex. Sex does not equal love.

Another fan named Ä°lusa wrote:

“Would you like to get married someday?”

Lzzy responded:

“Marriage isn’t a requirement in my life.”

Austin Wiard asked:

“Have you ever had a sore throat or massive cold or sinuses(etc.) on show day? And how do you push through it to play a show?”

Lzzy said:

“I have muscles through, but I don’t recommend it. Listen to your body. Rest, be quiet, rearrange the set to make it easier on your voice. And don’t be afraid cancel if there’s no safe way. You only have One voice.”

Donald Prevish asked:

“50 year old rocker and a huge @KISSOnline fan. Been listening to you guys off and on and I like it . Love when you sang w/ @ericchurch . I’m lost on new rock. Where should I start?”

Lzzy replied:

“Well, you can start with us! We all grew up with our parents 70s and 80s classic rock so we wear that like a pin in our leather jacket…”

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