In the previous day, Lzzy Hale who is well known as lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the hard rock band Halestorm, won the hearts of her fans with the photo she posted via Instagram Stories.

In the photo, Lzzy Hale is seen biting her tongue while wearing red lipstick that is a part of the characteristic of her, and barely makeup. Besides, her cool torn T-shirt and short brown hair catch attention.

The star, who attracts great attention with its styling both in the stage and the daily life, has reflected the spirit of rock music with this beat selfie.

So much so that, with this hot tongue-biting selfie Lzzy Hale proves that she is very attractive in her natural appearance once again, even the years pass.

Also, although there is no caption or description for the photo, the tongue-biting can be commented as a salute to legendary band Rolling Stones.

You can see the latest Instagram Stories of Lzzy below.

Photo Credit: Lzzy Hale – Instagram Stories