Halestorm vocalist and rhythm guitarist Lzzy Hale has replied a tweet from her fan and shared her opinion about the disrespectful behavior against female guitarists.

A few days ago, Lzzy Hale did an ‘Ask Lizzy Anything’ event again on Twitter and All That Shreds magazine asked a question about the sexist mentality that female guitarists have been dealing for a long time.

In response to this, Lzzy said that it is much better right now but they are still struggling against these people inside.

Here is what Lzzy Hale wrote:

“Haven’t done one of these in a while … #AskLzzyAnything Tag it so I can keep track …I’ll be in and out answering as many as I can…anything goes. Xo”

All That Shreds magazine asked:

“Do you feel that the industry has come a long way for female guitarists? Do you still deal with the “sexist” mentality in your career? #AskLzzyAnything”

Lzzy Hale replied:

“It’s come along way on the outside… there are still some situations we have to deal with on the inside”

You can read the tweets below.