During a recent interview with ‘Loudwire,’ Halestorm’s lead singer Lzzy Hale has shared her feelings after she has been chosen as Loudwire’s ‘Rock Artist of the Decade.’

Halestorm has been one of the most active rock bands in the last 10 years. The band released three albums and organized many tours around the world. In the last decade, they created a great impact on the rock community.

Here is Lzzy Hale’s reaction and the statement after the proudful title:

“If my 13-year-old self could see me now. This is wild!”

The band was founded in 1997 by Hale, and her younger brother Arejay. After the band grew up with rock and roll. Later on, bassist Josh Smith and guitarist Joe Hottinger joined them, and Halestorm was born.

Lzzy Hale continued:

“I will say that we did everything a little backward. In a lot of ways, I think that it’s steps. What we most recently called ‘mile markers’ in this long highway that’s just never-ending, we kind of just keep going because there’s glory in doing it.

I think that we were just very gung-ho in all these different ways,” Hale reflects. “You just chase everything that gets you excited.”

Hale thought that each member of the group is the thing that really keeps the closeness of each other for a long time. She stated this:

“I think that’s a big accomplishment in our world — the fact that we haven’t killed each other yet and we still actually enjoy playing with each other and doing this whole thing, even when it gets tough or there’s an uphill battle. I’m thankful.”

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