Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale remembered when she and Arch Enemy singer Alissa White-Gluz was trying to learn something from each other in her recent interview with Chaoszine.

A short time ago, White-Gluz named her favorite female vocalists of all time for a Cameo video, and she revealed that Lzzy Hale was one of them. Thus, the host wanted to talk about the singer’s words, and Hale stated that she was honored to learn these kind words about her.

In addition, the Halestorm singer decided to tell a story about the Arch Enemy frontwoman while playing together for a festival in Japan, probably referring to 2019’s Download Festival there. White-Gluz taught her how to scream while learning to reach higher notes from Hale backstage.

The frontwoman unveiled that the scream inspired her in the band’s upcoming fifth studio album, ‘Back from the Dead.’ Hale shared her ideas and feelings about White-Gluz, saying that she’s a very talented singer who could learn things quickly; she respects her so much.

Hale said in her interview that:

“She and I were backstage in Japan; we were playing at a festival in Japan. She was trying to teach me how to scream, and I was trying to teach her how to reach the high notes. It was the funniest thing because neither one of us was matching up. We realized that she’s so talented at doing something that I can’t do, and I respect her for that.

Then, obviously, we both have things that we can bring to the table, but I admire her voice so much. I got to see firsthand how incredible that growl she has, and it very much inspired a lot of my screams on this album. I have been trying to develop that in my own way, but it’s a beautiful thing, and what an honor.

You can watch the video below.